Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Lift Next To Stairs Cleaveland
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Vertical Platform Lifts

Residential Platform Lift

  • Safe, secure vertical access.
  • It’s simple design and ease of installation make it the most economical solution to barriers.
  • May be used indoors or outdoors and may also be portable.

Commercial Lift

  • Uses a three gate system consisting of a self-closing gate, a platform gate, and a top landing gate.
  • Doors, gates, and bridges available to suit any application.
  • Uses a time delay door locking mechanism for enhanced security.

Incline Platform Lift

  • Provide safe and reliable access along a stairway.
  • May be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Perfect solution where vertical access is either not viable or economical.
  • Comes with numerous safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe are these to use?
    They are very safe with a multitude of safety sensors and features to protect the operator and bystanders, including emergency lighting and alarm.
  • Are these suitable for residential use?
    Yes, they can be installed in an indoor hoistway, in the garage, on the exterior, etc.
  • What is the typical installation time frame?
    Once any required pre-work is completed, it generally takes one to two days.
  • Does a wheelchair lift need much maintenance?
    No. They should be lubricated annually and have the battery check (if applicable).
  • What is the weight capacity?
    Weight capacity is dictated by code. Wheelchair lifts have a maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds.
  • Why should I purchase a lift from Miller’s?
    We install all of our lifts with your safety and security in mind. We have over 60 years of knowledge and experience to pass on to our customers.