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Considering a Seat Lift Chair? Look No Further Than Miller's!

How Can You Benefit From A Seat Lift?

There are numerous benefits for both the user and his or her caregiver. With use of a seat lift chair, individuals are:

  • Able to be independent
  • Remain in their own home
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Caregivers can rest assured knowing their loved one can safely and independently stand up and sit down with assistance from our lift chairs, reducing risk of injury to both the client and caregiver. Perhaps best of all, the Caregiver will no longer have to strain their own back lifting the individual up and down from a chair.

**Miller’s carries Seat Lift Chairs by Pride Mobility proudly made in the USA. They offer the following benefits:**

  • Ease of use –Easy to operate with just the push of a button you can stand or recline simply and smoothly.
  • Style – We offer a large selection of eye catching fabrics that fit with any décor.
  • Reliability – Pride lift chairs are engineered for high quality and long lasting durability. Every lift is subjected to extensive factory testing to ensure outstanding reliability.
  • Comprehensive Warranty – Pride lift chairs are backed by comprehensive warranties, which include a lifetime warranty on the steel lift frame. Miller’s Service Department will complete any repair needed."

How Do I Choose The Right Seat Lift Chair?

Miller’s offers seat lift chairs ranging in sizes from petite to extra wide as well as multiple position styles to ensure one that is right for your needs. A proper fit should allow your feet to rest on the floor when sitting with your back against the backrest and be wide enough for your hips at the widest point. Next, consider how you will use the lift chair

Here are some other options available to consider when choosing your seat lift:

  • 2 Position (TV recline) is a slight recline. This is a comfortable position for performing many relaxing activities including reading and watching TV.
  • 3 Position (Full recline) is available on most power lift recliner models and puts you in a position ideal for napping or relaxing.
  • Infinite Position - Enables the backrest and footrest to move independently from one another so that a variety of positions can be reached. These chairs can also lie in the Trendelenburg and Zero gravity positions.
  • Trendelenburg - Elevates one's feet higher than his or her head for increased comfort and relaxation.
    Zero gravity-positions one's thighs and lower legs higher than his or her torso.

Browse All Seat Lift Options

Most of our chairs have a high strength polyester material that is standard but there are optional upholstery upgrades.

Lexis Vinyl, Ultraleather, and Crypton Fabric Options - Crypton Fabric offer a five-year warranty on the moisture barrier. What that means is that Pride Mobility absolutely stands by the statement that their fabric will remain spill, moisture, bacteria, and odor-free. Does not cover punctures in the fabric.

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Are Seat Lift Chairs Covered by Medicare or by Insurance?

Yes, No, and Maybe.

This answer is a bit confusing, and the reason for that is different plans have different coverage guidelines. Most plans if they cover at all will only cover the seat lift mechanism itself (the motor inside the chair that makes it different from a standard recliner found in many homes). There are rare instances where the entire chair is covered such as with workman’s comp or a special waiver program. You must meet medical necessity coverage criteria in order for any coverage to be considered.

We strongly suggest you make your buying decision based on the presumption that your insurance will not compensate you. Base your decision on what you are comfortable spending now. Coverage policies are very specific and not everyone qualifies for a seat lift. Do not assume because your physician prescribed a seat lift that your insurance plan will cover it.

A Miller’s Client Care Specialist is happy to assist you in providing specific details based on your personal situation regarding third party coverage. We are here to help!

Click on the button below for more details on Medicare’s specific coverage criteria and Miller’s practice of non-assignment for seat lift chairs

Medicare's Coverage Guidelines

What is the Price of Our Seat Lift Chairs?

We offer chairs both for rental and for purchase. Pricing varies greatly based on model selection and options selected. .

  • Rental ( - Recovering from surgery or need a seat lift for a short period of time? -Two position chairs are available for $200 monthly .
  • Purchase - We offer a variety of chairs to accommodate multiple needs and budgets. -Chairs range from $650 - $1500, with most falling right in the mid-range.