Non-Invasive Ventilation

NIV in Akron, OH

Non-Invasive Ventilation

Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) is for individuals that suffer from chronic respiratory failure, severe COPD, or neuromuscular disorders. NIV is used to reduce the burden on respiratory muscles and provide a comfortable, affordable solution to patients. At Millers, we individualize your clinical care. We believe in the concept that each client has unique needs that can best be addressed by our experienced Respiratory Therapists. We cater to clients, their caregivers, families, and physicians.

Our ultimate goal is to optimize your health and independence by reducing hospital readmissions. Our experienced Respiratory Therapists will help you transition to a Non-Invasive Ventilation system by helping to manage the diagnosis, manage the process, and provide continual support for your health and wellness. From the initial setup and throughout the entire customized process our team will perform an in-home assessment, follow up, and compliance monitoring. In collaboration with your physician, a progress report will be completed on an ongoing basis.

How Does Non-Invasive Ventilation Work?

  • Reduce hospital admissions and readmissions*
  • Decrease the work of breathing and burden on respiratory muscles
  • Reduce sleepiness and headaches
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Improve or maintain the oxygen/carbon dioxide levels in the blood
  • Inflate lungs to a greater capacity

How Do You Qualify For Non-Invasive Ventilation?

  • Chronic Respiratory Failure/Severe COPD:
  • Prescription for mechanical ventilation for the Trilogy ventilator
  • Face-to-face documentation stating why the ventilator is medically necessary
  • Documentation must state the progression of the severity of the patient’s disease
  • Chronic Respiratory Failure must be specified in the physician’s notes
  • PCO2 documented at or above 50 mmHg
  • BiPap has been considered and/or tried and deemed inappropriate
  • Diagnosis of COPD

  • Neuromuscular Disorder:
  • Prescription for mechanical ventilation for the Trilogy ventilator
  • Must have documentation of the history of Restrictive Thoracic Disorder
  • FVC < 50% of predicted or NIF < 60 cmh20
  • BiPap/AVAP has been considered and/or tried and deemed inappropriate
  • Diagnosis of ALS, thoracic restrictive disorder, or chronic respiratory failure consequent to COPD.

What Our Clients & Referrals are Saying:

Non Invasive Ventilation, Canton, OH

"I’ve had nothing but great service with Miller’s Rental & Sales. I am so happy that my pulmonary doctor referred me to Millers because I stand by them 100% and know they have my best interest in mind! "

Respironics Trilogy, Canton, OH

"My Trilogy is working great, and I do not know where I would be without this machine. I haven’t been in the hospital since last year for my breathing and would not be able to make it without this machine. Every night, my 12 year old daughter gets me my blanket, pillow, oxygen and my mask to make sure I place my machine on every night. She then comes out of her room 10 minutes later to make sure I am still wearing my machine. That’s how I know how important it is to wear this device, not only for me but my family as well."

Respironics Trilogy Non Invasive Ventilation in Canton, OH

"Recently my 88 yr old father had to begin using a BiPap machine because of retention of Carbon Dioxide. Debbie worked diligently with him and the staff in rehab at the hospital and followed his therapy when he moved to Assisted Living. She again worked with the staff there to be sure everyone was educated about the device. She was so kind to him and our family. She keeps me updated on his condition and I know I can call her anytime with questions. I am a registered nurse and I wish everyone in the medical field was as competent and caring as Debbie! Your company is very fortunate to have her as an employee."

 - Phyllis in Canton, Ohio

 - Butch in Canton, Ohio

 - Betsy in Canton, Ohio

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