Frequently Asked Questions About Stairlifts

How wide does the staircase need to be?

Most stair lifts are designed to fit a standard 36" stairway. When the seat is folded, most stair lifts only take up 12" to 15" of the stairway.

Does a stairway need to have a wall on both sides to accommodate a stair lift?

No, stair lifts typically are anchored to the stair treads, so a wall is not needed.

Can you use a stair lift on a stairway with a turn landing?

Yes, Miller's can install a curved stair lift that is custom made for your home.

What happens if there is a power failure?

Most stair lifts that Miller's installs are battery operated, so there is no need to worry if you have a power outage.

How much reinforcement is needed on the stairs to hold the weight of the stair lift?

If the stairs are structurally sound for everyday use, they do not require any extra support for the installation of the lift.

Can I move the rail further out from the wall if I have a door in the way at the top or bottom of the stairs?

The rail can be placed further out from the wall as long as the stairs are wide enough to accommodate the user safely without hitting the opposite wall or handrail.

I need stair lifts for outside. Can all of the stair lifts be used outside?

There are some lifts that are for outdoor use. Not all lifts are manufactured to withstand the elements.

What is the difference between an indoor lift and an outdoor lift?

Outdoor lifts are meant to tolerate the elements because they have been “sealed” where necessary and a cover is used to protect the motor and seat. In some cases, a heater is part of the unit to keep the motor warm.

What is the difference in AC and DC lifts?

An AC lift is one that runs off of the power coming directly from the electrical outlet that it is plugged into. When the power goes out, the lift will not work until the power comes on again. A DC lift is plugged in as well, but it operates using the power stored in the batteries that are part of the lift. If the power goes out, the lift will still operate until the batteries are too low to work. When the power comes back on,

the batteries will recharge; unless they have been completely drained to the point where they cannot take a charge any longer.

How long will the batteries last?

With consistent use and proper charging, batteries will last for several years.

How long does it take to install a stair lift? How disruptive is it?

The time it takes to install a stair lift depends on the make and model. Most straight stair lifts can be installed in three to four hours. The disruption is minimal. Our factory trained technicians are very professional and efficient.

Why not just by a stair lift off the internet? They are cheaper.

Cheaper does not always mean less expensive. If you buy off the internet, you have to install the lift yourself. You have no labor warranty and very often get an inferior product. Most of the reputable manufacturers sell through dealers because dealers can support the lift.