Tina LOVES her AffloVest from Miller’s

Tina’s Story, A Patient’s Perspective

“I was diagnosed with a disease called bronchiectasis about 20 years ago. Bronchiectasis causes my airways to narrow and make my mucus very thick. I have recently had complications with clearing my secretions and was placed in the hospital with respiratory failure. At that time, I developed a lower respiratory infection, and could not be discharged home without oxygen. My physician recommended I use a device called the AffloVest to help get all of my mucus out of my lungs, so that I can breathe easier. That’s when I met Debbie. Debbie is a respiratory therapist with Millers who walked me every step of the way to reassure I received the up most education and understanding of the AffloVest.”

Tina takes different types of medications along with her daily airway clearance regimen to improve her breathing. She had a recent bout of a respiratory infection and was due to have a heart oblation in approximately one month. She was placed on two different antibiotics, and then increased her AffloVest therapy to three-four times per day. She reported that the AffloVest had kept her out of the hospital and enabled her to keep her cardiac appointment for her heart oblation. Tina reports she will use the AffloVest all of the time and more frequently with any sort of exacerbation.


The AffloVest is the first truly portable, battery operated, fully mobile during use, High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) vest. The AffloVest promotes airway clearance and lung secretion mobilization in physician prescribed treatment of respiratory diseases like Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, MS, MD, ALS, and other neuromuscular diseases.

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AffloVest features include:

  • Freedom of movement
  • No carts or loud heavy generators
  • No being tethered to hoses or electrical outlets
  • Three modes of treatment
  • Three adjustable intensity levels
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Made in the USA

Miller’s is one of the first providers in Northeast Ohio to offer the innovative AffloVest.

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