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Paxton LOVES his new Zippie Power Wheelchair!

Independent and mobile for the first time in his life.

His smile says it all!!

"Let Me Try"

Kids Power Mobility Evaluation Program ... for kids who desire the opportunity to experience independent power mobility, but need the time with a variety of driver controls.

Call your Miller's Rehab Evaluator today to arrange your "Let Me Try" appointment.
The Power Tiger with Orbit Seat
  • Manual Tilt-In-Space
  • Stroller Handles
  • Expandable Electronics Digital Interface
  • MPJ Plus Multiple Drive Joystick
Power Tiger.bmp

The TDX Spree Formula CG w/MK6i
  • Power CG Tilt
  • Powered Seat Height
  • Transport Tie-Down Brackets
  • Expandable Electronics
  • MPJ Plus Multiple Drive Joystick
TDX Spree Head Control.bmp

Head Array Pediatric
Head Array Pediatric.bmp
Wafer Board Driver Control
Wafer Board.bmpWafer Board Mounted.bmp
Mini Joystick with Mid-Line Mount
Mini Joystick.bmp
Momentary Switch Driver Control
Relocate Switches Anywhere on the Tray

Momentary Switch.bmp
Rear Attendant Controls
To Assist with Training

Rear Attendant Control.bmp
"Let Me Try"

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