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Did you know that 70% of home accidents take place in the bathroom making it the most dangerous room in the home? The combination of water and smooth surfaces makes taking a bath or shower a dangerous proposition. The second leading cause of accidental death and disability in the United States are slips/falls. Over 75% of these slip/fall deaths occur to those 65 years and older.

We can help you make your bathroom safer to ensure you don’t become one of these statistics. We have a wide variety of bath safety products to make showering, bathing, and toileting safer. These products can also help restore independence and dignity. They also provide a peace of mind for caregivers and loved ones.Bath Chairs/Shower Chairs make it possible for people to bathe

safely while seated as opposed to standing with risk of slipping and falling. They also allow someone to bathe independently along with the use of a hand held shower. There are several options of bath chairs including with backs and padded seats when a softer more comfortable surface is required. We also offer higher weight capacity models. Bath chairs are height adjustable so can be configured comfortably for any user.

Transfer Tub Benches are designed to assist those who have trouble stepping over the side of the tub safely. Individuals sit down outside of the tub, then lift one leg at a time over the tub wall, slide over so they are seated in the tub. Just repeat these steps in reverse to exit the tub safely. Transfer tub benches are the ideal choice for someone for whom stepping over the side of the tub is a concern.

Bath Lifts are designed to actually lift a person down into the bathtub. They do so safely and conveniently to lessen injury risk for both the tub user and the caregiver. They also recline for comfort and can be positioned so that caregiver can assist with bathing more easily. They can also be conveniently placed in and out of tub for the convenience of others using same bath/shower.

Grab Bars are safety devices that attach to the wall or to the tub and provide a steady grip to assist with balance. They can be used near toilets, bathtubs, showers, and other areas of the home to prevent falls. They come in a variety of sizes and surface types. Most are designed to permanently attach directly to the wall. We also have options that attach to the side of the tub and even suction cup options for temporary use.

Bedside Commodes provide safety and convenience for individuals who may have trouble reaching the bathroom in time. They can be placed wherever most needed, commonly next to the bed. Built in arms provide support for sitting and rising. Commodes are also height adjustable so can be customized to the person. Bucket options include standard bucket with bottom and also no bottom bucket for use right over the toilet.

Toilet Safety Frames fit around the outside of the existing toilet providing armrests so that a person can support themselves while sitting or standing. Raised toilet seats are also available to make it easier for use because the person doesn’t have as far to sit down or stand up. Combination raised toilet seats with built in armrests provide another option to combine the benefits of both safety frames and risers.

You will find a selection of the bath safety we offer by clicking here.

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